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MS-CIT: Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology

MS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2001. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra.

In 21st Century, most of the new actionable knowledge is being digitally born (often through digital collaborations), digitally stored, digitally presented, digitally distributed, digitally accessed, digitally archived and managed. It only seems natural that it has become an essential part of one’s personal, professional and social life. It has also transformed the way of living in 21st Century

This course comprises of

  • MKCLs eLearning Revolution for All (ERA)
  • Hands-on practice sessions
  • Learning facilitation by certified professionals
  • Academic interactions, assessments and collaboration
  • Reading and understanding a highly illustrated book
This course comprises of


Krutika, Pune - Housewife

I am a housewife. I wanted to learn computer so I joined the MS-CIT course after counseling in MS-CIT Centre. Now I help my children complete their projects using word and power point. I can search various images related to project on internet and can search topics related to science projects. I feel proud when I make gas bookings, electricity, mobile bill payment online without help.

Pooja Raj, Dhule – 11th Std

I am a college student and have been using computer since 5th std. but I was not aware of so many functions in computer. I only used computers for playing games only. Now, I can search project related data online, make presentations in seminars and prepare projects reports easily.

Veena Vibhute, Pune – Senior Citizen

I am a senior citizen. Previously, I used to think I don’t have any need for computer education but when a medical emergency came at my home and I couldn’t send a medical report by mail or WhatsApp to Doctor, I realized the warning alarm of computer literacy. I have completed MS-CIT course and now I am very happy with improvement in myself. Thanks to MS-CIT.

Amol Rodge - College student, Aurangabad

I am B.com student. I did the KLiC Tally course to better job opportunities. I am really satisfied with the e-learning facility of this course