MS-CIT Course Parity with International Standards

The types of skills that are covered in MS-CIT viz. 21st Century Daily Life Skills, 21st Century Citizenship Skills, 21st Century Study Skills, and 21st Century Office Skills along with operating system/s, MS Office Tools, LibreOffice Tools, and other useful mobile apps and websites are mapped to the following international IT Literacy Standards:

Sr. No. International IT Literacy Standards
1 California Common Core Standards (CCCS)
2 National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS)
3 Northstar Digital Literacy Standards (NDLS)
4 Microsoft Office Standards (MOS)

Comparative Analysis of Curriculum and Learning methodology with standards

Following table explains comparative analysis of MS-CIT with other skills courses.

Digital Literacy & Technology Skills for Job Readiness
Technology Skills California Common Core Standards Microsoft Digital Literacy Standards Northstar Standards MS-CIT (MKCL Compliance)
Typewriting - - - Yes
Basic Operations Yes Yes Yes Yes
21st Century Office Skills
Word Processing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spreadsheet Yes Yes - Yes
Presentation Tools Yes Yes - Yes
21st Century Daily Life Skills
Internet & Communication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Apps - - - Yes
Online Collaboration Yes - - Yes
21st Century Citizenship Skills
Online Services - - - Yes
21st Century Study Skills
Study Tools and Technology Yes - - Yes
Ethics Yes - - Yes
Health & Safety Yes - - Yes