MS-CIT Online Admission Process

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MS-CIT at Center Admission Process
  1. The learner should go to the MS-CIT Authorized Learning Centre (ALC). To find out a MS-CIT centre nearest to you, click here.
  2. The learner should fill an application form available at the MS-CIT Authorized Learning Centre (ALC), along with the prescribed fees. The fees can be paid in three modes. To view the detailed fee structure, click here.
  3. Relevant documents to be carried at the time of admission are :- Xerox copy of Photo Id proof signed by the learner- 1 copy of passport size photograph (color or Black & White).
  4. Once the learner submits his/her details, relevant documents and pays the fees, the MS-CIT ALC coordinator will fill the learner details in the MKCL software and upload the learner data. Further, the ALC coordinator will hand over a fee receipt.
  5. Learner is expected to verify the online details filled in by ALC.
  6. ALC coordinator will hand over the MS-CIT book (study material) whose cost is already included in the fee. The book is provided as per the medium selected by the learner (English, Marathi, Hindi).
  7. After the learner receives the study material, the learner is eligible to start learning instantly through ERA, using his User ID and password.
  8. If you want to know about learning method and course details, you can check course demo at MS-CIT centres. We offer Welcome course, demo of MS-CIT at free of cost to learners who want to enroll for MS-CIT. This course is available at nearest MS-CIT centre. Please visit today.

Note: Visually Handicapped learners are provided with MS-CIT Book (Center Copy) in Braille Language (English Medium)