MS-CIT for School Students

MS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2001. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra.In 21st Century, most of the new actionable knowledge is being digitally born (often through digital collaborations), digitally stored, digitally presented, digitally distributed, digitally accessed, digitally archived and managed.

Who can enroll for this course ?

Students from 5th to 9th Std. can enroll for this course

MS-CIT for School Students is a special initiative by MKCL to offer flexibility to school students in following ways
  • Learning New Digital Skills alongside the school curriculum
  • Students who attend school in afternoon session can usually visit the MS-CIT Center in the morning before the school starts or in the evening after school duration. In this way, the course can be completed in 2 or 4 or 6 months.
  • This flexibility allows students to complete the course at their own pace while maintaining their daily schedule of school, sports, School mock exams, Unit tests, Midterm exams and other activities by taking a few days off in the course, which will not disturb the schedule of students
  • Innovative opportunities