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1. How MS-CIT changed my Life

  • I can open a net banking account
  • I can use my credit or debit card for online shopping/payments
  • I can pay electricity/telephone/mobile bill online
  • I can book gas refill online
  • I can sell old items online on OLX
  • I can book movie tickets online
  • I can listen to music, watch videos and share online
  • I can use BHIM App
  • I can use Make My Trip app to organize my trip online
  • I can book train/air/bus tickets online
  • I can use Ola Cabs app to book a cab online
  • I can communicate using Google Hangout
  • I can create and operate an email account
  • I can use Google Play Store and download apps (e.g. MKCL Learner App)
  • I can search for any location using Google Maps

2. How did I improve my work skills with MS-CIT

  • I can design an attractive BROCHURE
  • I can create a REGISTRATION FORM
  • I can create a good PROJECT REPORT
  • I can create a professional INVITATION LETTER
  • I can create an impressive NEWSLETTER
  • I can create a BLOG POST
  • I can track EVENT EXPENSES more easily
  • I can prepare personal BUDGET sheet quickly
  • I can create a LOAN CALCULATOR
  • I can create a monthly APPOINTMENT CALENDAR
  • I can manage MEETING MINUTES quickly and easily
  • I can prepare a professional BUSINESS PRESENTATION
  • I can create a DIGITAL PHOTO ALBUM
  • I can record voice by using Sound Recorder
  • I can create and send MAIL MERGE-NOTICE (Combined Output)
  • I can create a PROJECT REPORT (Combined Output)

3. How did I make my study easy

  • I can use Wikipedia to search the information
  • I watch educational videos online (YouTube)
  • I can download eBooks
  • I can join Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • I want to learn through videos on Khan Academy
  • I can express my Ideas using Mindmap tool
  • I can find information about The World via
  • I want to prepare for UPSC
  • I can do Math/Chemistry/Science Experiments
  • I can access online Research Papers (Google Scholar)
  • I can understand my personality type
  • I can improve my productivity using StayFocusd app

4. How did I become digital citizen

  • I can find my Vehicle Details
  • I can apply for Caste Certificate online
  • I can apply for Age, Nationality, Birth, Marriage, Death and Domicile Certificate online
  • I can apply for Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Driving License/PAN/Ration card online
  • I can use Rakshak App for safety of Women and Senior Citizens
  • I can get alerts from Central Government
  • I can apply for Passport online
  • I can apply for Atal Pension Yojana and various other govt. schemes online
  • I can apply for Income Certificate online
  • I can register my complaint on Consumer Forum
  • I can check my Provident Fund online
  • I can file my income tax return
  • I can access Right To Information Application
  • I can avail ePost Office service of India Post
  • I can apply for Electricity Connection/LPG service online
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