MKCL Home ISO 9001:2015 company.

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Each center will have

Counseling Area

Lecture Room

Computer Laboratory

Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities

Counselling Area-Lecture Room-Computer Laboratory (Compulsory)

Total Center Area Size: Minimum 200 sq. feet (Counselling Area+ Lecture Room+ Computer Laboratory)

To maintain educational environment, dedicated space of minimum 200 sq. feet should be available for educational courses & related services. This dedicated space should not be used for any other purpose such as sales, storage or any other business.

Counselling Area (Compulsory)

Counselling Table and Chair arrangement

1 Computer for showing offering demo (Optional)

Notice / Display Board

Enquiry Register

Lecture Room (Compulsory)

Area Size: Minimum 100 sq. feet

Table and Chair arrangement

1 Laptop/Desktop

Projector - BenQ, InFocus, Sharp, Epson or equivalent

Mic - iBall, xpro or equivalent. All Headphones should have mic.

Speaker - Logitech, iBall, Artis or equivalent


Projector & screen or LCD / LED TV

Computer Laboratory (Compulsory)

Area Size: Minimum 100 sq. feet

Proper Ventilation & required cooling arrangements (Fan, Cooler, etc.)

Adequate light arrangements

Suitable furniture for installing computers

Comfortable seating arrangements

Ergonomically designed chairs to enable learners to seat comfortably

Seating Stools are not allowed

Proper wiring of electric and network cables

Air conditioning facility (optional)

Cleanliness of Center

Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities

Clean Toilet (Compulsory)

Drinking Water Facility (Compulsory)

Staff Room (Optional)

Suggestion Box (Compulsory)

Library (Optional)

Footwear Stand (Optional)

Parking (Optional)

Fire Extinguisher (Optional)

Asset Insurance (Optional)

Human Resources

ID Cards for Staff

Uniform for Staff


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