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This is just an example of how people have used MS-CIT creatively in their day-to day lives and how IT literacy has empowered people and transformed their daily lives.


Enjoy making your own greeting cards on the next coming festival, birthdays of dear ones and so on.


You can go further and make flyers like this one.

Invitation Card

Have you seen an invitation card cuter than this? You may try making one.

Picture Story

Not just invitation card, you can design an envelope too.

Picture Story

If you are an employee, make your own time-sheet.

Picture Story

Go a little further exploring the tools and design your own book cover.

Picture Story

And how about giving your loved ones a greeting card. Surprise!

Picture Story

Keeping accounts is now so much easy with Excel.

Picture Story

Maintain your schedule digitally.

Picture Story

Do much more than just keeing account!

Picture Story

Make your reports interesting by pie-charts, bar-diagrams, histogram with a mouse click.

Picture Story

Make your own photo-ablum with interesting backgrounds, at home. Change the backgrounds if you get bored with the old one!

Picture Story

Now you dont't need any professional help to create certificates.

Picture Story

Make logos, diagram on your own. Get creative!

Picture Story

Teacher at school? See how else can you use a power-point.

Picture Story

Increasing your sales can be sometimes about making an impression.

Picture Story

Get Creative and work is fun.

Picture Story

Everyone has some story to tell. Tell it effectively using PowerPoint.

Invitation Card

Make creative invites, pamphlets, handouts, notices, posters for any occassion.


Invite friends, be the host for a quiz show, interactive games etc!


Store information creatively and intelligently and you will tell us more!

Apart from all this fun you CAN:

  • Use the Internet
  • Open your own e-mail account
  • Book Online tickets
  • Pay bills online
  • Chat
  • Create your own Blog
  • Form online communities
  • Download music
  • Participate in Discussion Forums
  • Take Online courses
  • Subscribe to online library
  • Shop Online and much more...

For MS-CIT Learners


  • Amol Rodge –College student, Aurangabad

    I am student. I did KLiC- Tally course to better job opportunities. I am really satisfied with the elearning facility of this course

  • Shivani Jaiswal –Working woman, Aurangabad

    I am working in Balaji Industries. I did MS-CIT. This course helped me to do office task easily and quickly. I am can prepare data, charts and presentations after doing this course. Because of ERA eLearning has been very interesting. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

  • Shubhada Mandge – College student

    I am college student and I have mastered making ppt and giving presentations with the help of MS-CIT.

  • Pooja Raj, Dhule – 11th Std

    I am college student and using computer since 5th std. but I was not aware of so many functions in computer. I only used computers for playing games only. Now, i can search project related data online, make presentations in seminars and prepare projects reports easily.

  • Veena Vibhute, Pune – Senior Citizen

    I am senior citizen. Previously, I used to think I don’t have any need of computer education but when medical emergency came at my home and I couldn’t send medical report on mail or WhatsApp to Dr, I realized the warning alarm of computer literacy. I have completed MS-CIT course and now I am very happy with improvement in myself.Thanks to MS-CIT.

  • Krutika, Pune - Housewife

    I am housewife. I wanted to learn computer so joined MS-CIT course after counselling after MS-CIT Centre. Now I help my children in completing their projects using word and power point. I can search various images related to project on internet and can search topics related to science projects. I feel proud when I do gas booking, electricity, mobile bill payment online without help.

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